countryside in south Tuscany. Vine lines wine production süden Toskana

10 reasons why southern Tuscany is worth a dedicated visit

There’s a Paradise between Florence and Rome. In this post I tell you why.

1. Nature

Southern Tuscany is a wild region. There are so many natural parks and protected areas! That’s because less than 500.000 people live here. There are only two cities (Siena and Grosseto) and many lilttle villages. As you leave a village, there are woods and fields as far as the eye can see, so isn’t hard to see wild animals while hiking or driving.

2. Food

I know it’s almost impossible not to eat tasty food in Italy, but food in the south of Tuscany is really good! Every recipe comes from the rural tradition. This means that each ingredient is local and genuine. Handmade pasta and homemade sweets, local meat and fish. Pizza, of course. And cheeses, lot of cheeses!

Scansano village in southern Tuscany südliche Toskana süden

3. Wine

Southern Tuscany wines are famous worldwide. Wine is produced in this area since ancient times. From Ciliegiolo vine is produced the homonymous red wine. From San Giovese vine come red wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico and Morellino di Scansano. White wines are Ansonica, Vernaccia and Vermentino.

4. Beaches

There are so many beaches in Southern Tuscany, both sandy and rocky. You can choose between a beach with services (umbrellas, showers, bar) or a totally wild beach. At Maremma Natural Park I saw a fox on the beach! Sea water is tourquoise everywhere and warm until late october. Check out my personal Top 5 southern Tuscany beaches chart!

Cala di Gesso Argentario Southern Tuscany beach südliche Toskana süden strand Strände
Cala del Gesso beach

5. Relax

Relax is the regional sport in southern Tuscany 🙂 That’s why so many people move to this area when they retire. Little cities means no traffic. People are never in a hurry and always have a smile on their face. Being happy and relaxed it’s easy when you can freely acces a stunning beach or a natural pool filled with sulphureous water!

6. Sports

Sporty people would never get bored in southern Tuscany. Here you can practice almost every outdoor sport: hiking, climbing, biking, horse riding, archery, golf, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and during winter time, skiing and snowboarding!

7. Villages

Little villages are the pearls of southern Tuscany. Most of the time, only few hundred people live in each village. Stone made streets and stone buildings are so charming! The central square (where you find the church and its belltower) is the place where most of things happen. Southern Tuscany is a hilly territory and villages are always on the top of the hill: that means stunning 360 degrees views! Check out my posts about Montiano,  Castiglione della Pescaia, Montepescali or le Rocche villages!

8. Archeological areas

People live in the southest part of Tuscany since ancient times. Before Romans, Etruscan lived here.  The name Tuscany comes from them. So isn’t hard to find streets, ruins of buildings, temples and aqueducts built more than 2500 years ago!

romancity ruins in southern Tuscany südlich süden Toskana

9. Art

Many artists have been inspired by the south of Tuscany, and many of them decided to move here. Local artisans are artists too! Handcrafts they make are made with such a passion that I would define it as pieces of art. Their workshops always deserve a visit.

10. People

They may be the last of my list, but southern Tuscany people are special. They are so welcoming and would do anything to help you as you were one member of their family. But remember to never ever say or do something that could offend them! They are quite touchy… their frankness may seem a bit rude sometimes, but once you learn how to relate to them, it ain’t a problem anymore.

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3 thoughts on “10 reasons why southern Tuscany is worth a dedicated visit

  1. Zac

    Southern Tuscany sounds like a lovely part of the world, I’ll have to visit sometime. What are you favourite towns to visit? I’m hoping to do a tour of Italy sometime 🇮🇹


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